MAN.U.TEC exhibition provides solutions in the segment of Utilities, Production and Industrial Maintenance. The show gathers companies that offer solutions in the industries of Power, Industrial Water Treatment and Residuals, Vapor Generation, Compressed Air, Gas Generation and Pollution Management.

This show will promote the meeting of professionals from the fields interested in optimizing their Utilities, Production and Industrial Maintenance processes by employing new technologies that might increase competitiveness at less costs with inputs, increased production and optimization of power.

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Why Exhibit?

During the three days of show you will be able to:

  • Make businesses with over 6,000 highly qualified professionals.
  • Stand out among major brands in the industry.
  • Be in direct touch with decision makers.
  • Launch products and services and be more visible.
  • Be in the show platforms disclosing your company in our Website and App all year round.
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Official Support

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